17 4 / 2012

The day after our babysitting and Five Guys party, we got a little more zen. In addition to being more zen, I was also sick.

I woke up with a terrible headache and a sore throat. I had the baby to thank. Well, actually, I had Chris to thank since he was the latest to get sick. I felt pretty awful but the show must go on! 

Mike’s back is hurt and he’s got to do some work to get better. He’s not happy about this but I am because I get to watch him do hot sexy poses (or at least try to- the man has the flexibility of an elephant) during yoga. Yes, he does yoga because he knows how important it is to work on his flexibility and the right kind of strength to help his back heal up. He did some research and found a Bikram yoga studio for us to check out. It was in a sketchy looking building but the studio was clean and large. Oh and the instructor- excellent! He was clearly experienced and quite calming, knew his stuff and gave generous corrections. Also, he was super cute!

After centering our chakras or what not, it was time to shower and eat dinner. When we arrived, sweaty and hungry, we found out that the other men headed to Boston Market to pick up dinner. I was feeling peppy and I had an appetite despite being sick (thank you, Bikram yoga) so I was eager for dinner to arrive.

And boy did it arrive.

Despite being from Boston and living there all my life, I have never eaten at Boston Market. There is one not far from my house but I have never had occasion to frequent it. But Boston Market is awesome, I discovered. How on Earth did it manage to go bankrupt? Definitely not from lack of tasty (though not necessarily healthy) food.

We had roasted chicken (love), mac n cheese (decent enough), spinach (pretty good), stuffing (acceptable), gravy (omg, I love gravy), sweet potatoes mixed with some sort of cinnamon/oat mixture (my favorite dish) and corn bread. Gah, I adore corn bread.

Unfortunately, I felt worse after eating not because it was icky but because my Chakra centering euphoria wore off and I went back to being sick. I went to bed early that night, only to wake up to Easter Sunday and an ear infection!