31 5 / 2012

Last week I hung out with my friend Kyung. She’s an army wife and she’s cool. She’s also Korean, making her extra cool. Anyway, we went to Sackets Harbor, the pretty town in the area. On the way there we stopped at this adorable bulk foods shop on a farm. We shopped around and got sandwiches for a picnic. I also picked up some goodies for my impending drive home to Cape Cod for Memorial day weekend.

Upon our arrival to the shop, we saw a large fenced in area and little creatures moving about. As we got closer we realized they were PIGLETS! Adorable little baby pigs, they were so cute! One of the farmers came over and chatted with us and we found out the pigs were for pork (as in, slaughter). This did not take away from their cuteness nor did their cuteness take away from the fact that I like pork. I think this is what it means to be a real carnivore. Piglets are cute, bacon tastes good.

After playing with the piglets for ages, we headed into the shop. It was so lovely in there- everything packaged in bulk bags and containers, Amish baskets covering the ceiling and a lovely deli counter in the back. I browsed the aisles and picked out some goodies: mini animal crackers and home made beef jerky for the drive and some local honey to have on my toast (with peanut butter of course). We headed to the deli counter where I had my very first taste of squeaky cheese (cheese curds). Home made and the freshest of the fresh, squeaky cheese was AMAZING! Feeling cheesy, I ordered a havarti sandwich with extra pickles and roasted garlic mustard (holy crap it tasted great).

After getting our sandwiches, we headed to Sackets and had a lovely picnic on the water and chatted about this and that. Turns out, we had a lot in common and I found myself overjoyed at finding a friend on post. I happily enjoyed my sandwich on the waterfront. After my sandwich, I quickly discovered that there’s not much to Sackets Harbor. It’s very pretty but the prettiness is limited to one commercial street with a few tiny shops and a bunch of restaurants. Officers on post like to live in the area and I understand why- it’s peaceful and quiet. Too peaceful. Too quiet. But quaint for an afternoon picnic!