29 6 / 2012

This past weekend, Mike and I decided on an impromptu trip to Plattsburgh. We left Saturday afternoon and arrived just in time for dinner. Of course, first we hung out at his parent’s house and had some wine. Normally, I prefer very dry white wine and the Montys are sweet/juicy wine fans. When I sipped my glass, however, I adored what I was tasting. I was drinking white wine from an Upstate New York vineyard whose name I am unsure of but I think it’s called Niagara. So, of course I had seconds.

After imbibing, we headed over to Koto, the local Japanese steakhouse. I was dying for some sushi and I ordered a futo maki, spicy scallop maki and salmon skin maki. All three were delightful and for the first time EVER, I had a hard time finishing my meal.

The others ordered hibachi dinners with various proteins. Shortly after the waitress took our order, the hibachi chef arrived. I’ve been to a Japanese steakhouse only one other time, when I was a little girl. I remember being very entertained so I was psyched to have another experience. It was definitely entertaining! The first thing the chef did was squirt sake into Jim’s mouth. We all found that incredibly entertaining, especially because Jim managed to handle a lot of sake. I think the chef was impressed. Mike got the same treatment while the ladies at the table (myself and Mike’s mom) politely refused the sake treatment. 

After lighting some food on fire, making lots of noises and spraying more sake into the men’s faces, we all had our food in front of us. I worked on my sushi and poked at Mike’s rice and steak and chicken. It was incredibly tasty- my favorite part was (obviously) the rice. It had yummy egg stirred in and a great, chewy texture.

We were all too full for dinner so we headed home. Mike and I briefly entertained the idea of starting a fire and roasting some marshmallows but ended up zoning out on the couch and watching Pawn Stars. Such an epic Saturday night.