27 6 / 2012

This week is me and Mike’s last week in our apartment together. Next week, we go on block leave- we’re visiting the Cape and my family, going up to Plattsburgh, perhaps Thousand Island Park and most likely, the Jefferson County Fair. So, there will be fun stuff to talk about in the early parts of July, YAY!! In the meantime, however, I am on a mission to clean out the whole fridge this week so we will be using EVERYTHING I’ve got. Actually, I started this project last week. So, in addition to the meatloaf (see previous post), I made a few other things…

Mixed, roasted veggies. These were superb! I just cut up a bunch of carrots, turnips and young potatoes and tossed them in oil, garlic and rosemary. I roasted them covered for about 25 minutes at 425 F and then roasted them uncovered for an additional 15, stirring them halfway through. The result was a tray of sweet, soft, caramelized veggies. I loveeeedddd them. In fact, I ate most of them right off the tray before I served them to Mike and our dinner guest, Dom (along with slow cooker roasted pork loin).


Another dish I made last week that went over particularly well was green beans. This was also very simple- I blanched the beans for 4 minutes (after trimming and washing) then shocked them in an ice bath. After melting some butter in a skillet and braising some onions until they were translucent, I added back the green beans and tossed to coat. A little salt and pepper and they came out great- buttery and sweet with a perfect crunch. Oh, I almost forgot- I gave them a light squeeze of lemon after plating. This recipe is a tweaked version of a Smitten Kitchen recipe for haricot vert with shallots.


I served the green beans with pan roasted chicken thighs in mole sauce and home made yellow rice. Dessert was walnut brownies. I just used the Hershey’s recipe and added ½ C of chopped walnuts. I overcooked them a little because I used the wrong dish and then forgot about them in the oven (oops) but they still tasted pretty darn good and weren’t dry. 


I love when my goal is to clean out the fridge- I end up making tons of goodies and discovering a bunch of new recipes.