04 6 / 2012

My Memorial Day weekend involved eating a lot and watching The Sopranos.

On Friday, Mike and I did…nothing. But we did go out for lunch! My dad took me, my bros and Mike to Quick’s Hole, a Wood’s Hole favorite. It’s a great seafood shack- fresh fish and shellfish served in a unique way. You can get any number of fish tacos, burritos and bowls. Very different (and decidedly lighter) than the typical clam chowder, fried clams and lobster rolls you get at other area restaurants. I often opt for the Baja Lobster Salad, a salad made with cucumbers, hearts of palm and mango topped with a generous heap of lobster with a lemon poppy dressing on the side (home made!).

Mike had a lobster burrito and Eugi had a roasted pork quesadilla. I didn’t have any of Mike’s lunch but I did have Eugi’s appetizer (tortilla soup) and found it to be a bit too sour. His quesadilla was awesome- it was very rich but not oily. A hearty lunch indeed!

Of course, we also enjoyed a couple of pitchers of their tasty sangria. Whatever wine they use as the base is lovely- it’s super crisp and refreshing, especially for a red. I also enjoyed their salsa bar which contained pickled carrots and onions, a peach habanero salsa and two tomato based salsas: one mild, the other spicy (I didn’t notice the spiciness just a more smokey flavor).

After lunch we headed back and Mike and I did some more nothing. At one point, I think I went on an errand with Eugene and Mike stayed behind because he was too tired doing nothing. Our lives were really difficult all weekend.

The next day was Sunday and we started off the morning with pancakes (the same way we started Saturday morning). Eugi makes amazing pancakes on the weekend for my brothers. Luckily, he made extra to accommodate Mike and myself. We remain grateful. After breakfast, Mike and I watched The Sopranos for about five hours, during which time we developed an intense craving for pizza (later we discovered that we both started craving it the night before during the exact same scene in a movie we were watching). So, we ordered pizza for everyone from a new place that just opened up in Falmouth called Stone L’Oven. I ordered us a margherita (tomato, basil, mozzarella) and a fig and prosciutto pizza (fig, balsamic jam, prosciutto, gorgonzola cheese and caramelized onion on a white pizza dough). The pizzas were phenomenal, we were all very impressed. Super thin and crispy crust, really fresh sauce, easy on the toppings. Perfect pizza, really. After eating, Mike and I continued to watch The Sopranos until it was time to head out on the boat. We slapped on some sun screen and headed to the Freedom Boat Club docks where Eugi had reserved a lovely bow rider for us. We spent three hours riding around- we went to the bay, Martha’s Vineyard and elsewhere. The weather was gorgeous! Mike even took a dip in the ocean. He was the only one brave enough to enter the cool water. Gosh, it was so relaxing. Everything about that weekend was relaxing, honestly.

Upon our arrival, mom had prepared us a lovely dinner. Home made sausages from the local Italian deli, charcoal grilled to perfection. Poached gulf shrimp from The Clam Man with cocktail sauce. Mike remarked that these were the most amazing shrimp he’s ever tasted in his life. In fact, he cited this experience as one of the top two moments of the trip (the number one moment being the afternoon on the boat). I saw this as a HUGE victory in my quest to help him gain a greater appreciation for food. I was so happy to see him enjoy a dish so much. Anyway, we also had a simple cucumber, onion and tomato salad. And we ate everything outside. So zen.

That evening, the five of us headed to Ben and Bill’s for ice cream. We waited out the insane line and I had myself a peppermint stick ice cream cone with rainbow sprinkles, my favorite. Ben and Bills is great. It kind of has to be because it’s competing with dozens of other superior ice cream stands in the area. It does have the advantage of being located on Main St, in the center of all the action. Ben and Bill’s dips their own chocolate goodies and I believe they also make their own ice cream (or at least source it locally). They even have lobster ice cream. And not the kind that’s actually strawberry swirled with vanilla. No, this is real vanilla ice cream with bits of lobster in it. It’s not that good, I’ve tried it. It’s kind of heavy and buttery tasting with the salty bits of lobster. It made me feel queasy in the way that eating too much white chocolate makes one feel.

The next day, Mike and I watched more Sopranos and ate a delightful lunch of grilled halibut, tomato salad, and zucchini carpaccio salad. We left the Cape much too late and arrived in Watertown around midnight. Unfortunately, we realized too late that Mike hadn’t gotten his hair cut (it’s a big no-no to show up with unkempt hair in the army!). So we headed to the 24 hour Wal-Mart and got clippers. Around 1am, I proceeded to very, very cautiously cut Mike’s hair. I did an ok job. It looked more or less like it did before (I was being incredibly conservative), maybe a little neater except for the bald spot I made above his ear. Oops.

It was hard reality to wake up on Tuesday morning after such a blissful weekend of doing nothing but things that make me happy in a place that looks and feels like heaven.