05 4 / 2012

This past Saturday, I had my last scheduled hair cut with Christopher for the summer. I have no idea when I will come home from NY this summer so it’s simply impossible for me to know when I will see Chris. It was bittersweet. Sweet because we had a total blast and my friend Amy came by (we had a lunch date schedule for later) and the three of us chit chatted and giggled. After my lovely cut, Amy and I headed to the Trident Cafe. I enjoyed a breakfast burrito- a tortilla filled with avocado, eggs, mushrooms, onions and cheese. It was served with salsa on the side. Boy, was it substantial. I tend to finish my plate but this time, I could barely get through half the burrito! It was so hearty and filling, I felt full way into the evening. Amy had challah French toast which I know for a fact was delightful. I am not sure I will be ordering the breakfast burrito again. It was filling but not as flavorful or interesting as I was hoping for. Of course I also ordered a cappuccino and that made everything leaps and bounds better.

After lunch, Amy and I shopped a bit and I spent some more money that I didn’t have. Afterwards we headed home, I went for a run, we ate some dinner (left over rack of lamb and cous cous with onion and dried blueberries that I quickly threw together) and we got ready. Kate came by soon after and we headed to a place called Storyville. The club used to be called Saint which is why there are fleur de lis all over the club, even on the drinks!

I really enjoyed the environment- the club was divided into a swankier area where they served cocktails and played some sweet 90’s music. The other room played Top 40 songs and served less advanced beverages (shots/mixers, beer). We hung out in the swanky zone and I enjoyed a (couple glasses of the) “red dress”: champagne with raspberry puree. It was delightful! Not too sweet (I hate super sweet drinks), a little sour and perfectly bubbly. I was too busy drinking it to take a picture but it was a very pretty ruby pink.

We attempted to dance in the Top 40’s room but the music was crappy and nobody else was making moves. So we headed back to the swank zone and boogied. The crowd there was much more receptive to our dance moves. As the night continued, we looked at each other and unanimously decided that it was bed time. Of course we first had to stop for a little Chinese food (crab rangoons for Kate and boneless spare ribs for me!) at Dragon Star, the place we’ve been going to at 2am since we turned 21.

Before I knew it, I was in my pj’s, snuggled under my covers and dreaming of brunch the next morning…